Ever wonder why some people are successful while others are not? Many times, when I ask this question, I hear that success supposedly hinges on one of the following: greater knowledge, enhanced skills, new ideas, improved techniques, better connections, more money, increased enthusiasm, and positive thinking. These things may seem important—and indeed they may help you be successful—but they are simply not the key to really making a difference.

Performance is the difference maker

Precision execution (of the correct actions, sequences, and measurements) is, when directed at meaningful goals, what separates those who achieve success from those who only hope and wish for it. Knowledge, skill, connections, money, and positive thinking by themselves are not enough.

Performance based work is a mind shift for most people. Most people are taught to stay focused on the prize and somehow it will appear. This is an interesting philosophy which has produced a 3% success rate over the past 60 years. However, performance-based living works in a much more precise and predictable way.

For example, if your goal is to bake a particular type of bread, then precisely executing the correct recipe will predictably result in your enjoyment of the desired bread. You don’t need to worry about the end result; the bread will take care of itself if you do the things the recipe calls for in their proper sequence.

Focusing on performance instead of progress forces attention to the correct action items and measuring how well you are performing the action items that will produce the results you dream of and hope for. It is this critical shift towards identifying action items, doing what needs to be one, and measuring your performance of the work related to a goal, not the goal itself, that make the difference!

Yes, you still need to get clear on the goal. But after setting a clear goal, you should, with the help of a successful mentor, determine the recipe that will cause the realization of that goal. Then simply and precisely execute the recipe, over a 90-day period making sure to measure how well you are performing the work related to the goal.

Using this method of success, you will never have to worry about the goal itself. if you have a mentor approved plan/recipe, your job is simple to do the work, and the goal will be realized. If you vary from a approved bread recipe by not using the correct ingredients, failing to measure the ingredients properly, or altering the baking time, you will create a different result—perhaps not even bread at all! Lacking precision execution of a model plan, like not following a recipe with precision, creates chaos and unpredictable results.

Execute 90 is a revolutionary model that has been hidden in plain sight for centuries, and it’s creating massive success for those who implement it. The Execute 90 model catapults the creation of success by:

  • Eliminating distractions.
  • Reframing the antiquated concepts of fear and failure.
  • Shifting your mind-set to the activities that automatically produce the success you dream of.
  • Creating a daily routine that supports your definition of success.
  • Forcing you to focus on performance to create success faster and with less frustration.
  • Helping you acquire the critical currency of success.
  • Showing you how to implement the key elements that must be present for you to succeed.
  • Explaining the mind-set successful people have that underachievers wish they had.
  • Teaching the system that will enable you to produce a year’s worth of results in 90 days.
  • Encouraging you to develop the #1 most important differentiator to success in this industry—that is, to develop the habit of filling all 168 hours available to you in a week with the things that will create success in your life.