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Seize Control (eBook) - $4.99

Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat
By Clay Stevens and Terry Johal

Learn the #1 secret that has been used by legendary business icons such as: Stephen Covey, Ray Kroc, J. Paul Getty, Fred Smith, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

77 pages that will transform your future.

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Execute 90 - $10
Newest book by best-selling author Clay Stevens

Execute 90 is a revolutionary model that has been hidden in plain sight for centuries. Execute 90 is the network marketing adaptation of the framework, principles, procedures, systems, structures, and matrix used by the most famous industry, business, and economic thought leaders, including Stephen Covey, J. Paul Ghetty, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. Each in their own right have created billions of dollars of wealth.

Execute 90 is the embodiment of critical factors of success perfected and taught by these mega successful leaders and identified by network marketing leaders all centered around THEE #1 difference maker – precision execution of a simple – mentor approved plan.

Experience the real difference maker by immersing yourself in the story. Acquire:

  • The currency of success
  • The units of deposit that fill our success account
  • What successful people have that underachievers wish they had
  • The key element that must be present if you are going to succeed

Get off the curb and join the parade of your life. You were not intended to be a spectator to your life. You were created to be an active participant in the miracle of your greatness. You are after all, a Winner Walking. Not a winner sitting, winner thinking or winner hanging out!

Execute 90 contains a simple, life changing model that enables top performers in all walks of life to predictably produce prosperity. The Execute 90 model will catapult you to create the success you dream of. Execute 90 eliminates fear and failure. It helps you focus on performance of the daily actions that when completed or repeated give you control of your business and your future faster and with less frustration. And by faster I mean – three to twelve times faster. If you are ready to receive it.

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Winner Walking Token $7.50
The Winner Walking Token is so much more than a memento, it's a trophy, a friend, a confidant. There is magic in this token. It gives strength when you are tired, courage when you are afraid, and inspiration when you are discouraged. Keep this in your pocket, put it on a necklace, bracelet or keychain. It serves to remind you who you really are and the hopes and dreams you are working to create.

"It actually helps me enjoy the journey I am on." —Ann Ivey

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The Geometry of Success - $10

Three time best-selling author Clay Stevens presents, The "How To" book for Success in any area of your life. If you want to achieve a higher level of success in your life, this book is for you. If you're tired of trial and error and leaving success to chance or luck, this book is for you. If you've tried to accomplish goals and failed, this book is for you.

Clay's Book Empowers You to do 3 Things:

  • Discover and articulate your passion
  • Automate the pursuit of that passion through brain and body chemistry
  • Get and stay committed long-term to predictably produce your passion
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Six Figures in Six Months - $10

Experience building a direct sales business from the ground up and feel the highs and lows of building a successful multi-level marketing business as you live it play-by-play through a unique set of characters. From the time Steve Thoms is introduced to a new business opportunity to the day he walks across the stage as a six-figure earner, you will be captivated by his compelling story. Through his journey you will learn the 3 Step Success Pattern that creates predictability. This pattern is fundamental to building a strong and profitable business faster and with less frustration.

This book outlines how the P.E. Profile, Success System (Online Training), and Residual Income Game are essential components of the 3 Step Success Pattern.

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Ask, Listen, Repeat - $10

Ask, Listen, & Repeat is the sequel to the Amazon Best Seller Six Figures in Six Months and continues the story of Steve Thoms and introduces Matt Ivey to teach techniques, principles, and tips for guaranteed success. Creating life-long relationships is one of the most challenging and yet profitable network marketing secrets. Relationships are the foundation of success. These characters will show you how to initiate meaningful, purposeful communication.

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Novel Series Book Bundle $28
Includes all books written in Novel form: Execute 90, Six Figures in Six Months and Ask, Listen, Repeat
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All Books Bundle $43.50
Includes all of Clay Steven's books: Execute 90, Geometry of Success, Fast Start Field Manual, Six Figures in Six Months and Ask, Listen, Repeat
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