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90 Days - Life. Changed.

Execute 90 is a system invented, perfected and used by the most successful industry, business, and economic thought leaders, including: Stephen Covey, J. Paul Ghetty, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos and others. According to this elite set of business moguls, the #1 difference maker in success is the precision execution of a simple, proven plan.

Measuring Performance not Progress is the difference maker!

They created their empires by developing, tracking and measuring how well they and their organizations perform against the specific set of actions proven to create intentional results; BIG RESULTS!

Execute 90 is the industry’s only measuring, tracking and notification system developed for network marketers by network marketers. Execute 90 enables you to capture your goal(s), record the mentor approved plan to create them including: 1) what has to be in place for you to achieve your goal(s), and 2) the daily routine that empowers you to succeed faster and with less frustration. And by faster, I mean 3 to 12 times faster.

Execute 90 is THEE framework with principles, procedures, systems, structures, and matrix which enable you to measure, track and report your performance instead of progress just like the business moguls.

Here are a few examples of how the system works to support you in keeping score as you create your business dynasty.

Weekly Performance Score Card
Execute 90 Screenshot
Performance Tracking System
Execute 90 Screenshot

Your Execute 90 Subscription includes:

  • Articulate your Dream and break it down into smaller goals
  • Enter what must be in place or achieved in order to accomplish your goals
  • Put the Action Items that when completed and repeated will produce your dream
  • Update your performance of the Action Items on a daily and weekly schedule
  • Get a weekly performance score card showing your performance each week
  • See a graph showing your weekly performance in each specific Action Item and an Overall Performance Score
  • Receive Winner Walking and Way-Shower Awards on a weekly basis
  • Click and send a .pdf version of your Weekly Performance score card and Performance Tracking Graph to your Support Partner
  • Have 24 hour access to the performance tracking system
  • Get access to Execute 90 of downloadable content such as: Support Partner Accountability Meeting Agenda and many others


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Execute 90 System

Execute 90 is a revolutionary model that has been hidden in plain sight for centuries. Execute 90 is the embodiment of some of the most famous industry, business, and economic thought leaders, including Stephen Covey, J. Paul Ghetty, Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos. Each in their own right have created billions of dollars of wealth using what is now contained in the Execute 90 model by focusing on the #1 difference maker – precision execution of a simple – mentor approved plan. When individuals and teams implement the Execute 90 models they invariably double their volume every 90 days!

During the last decade, Terry Johal and Clay Stevens have developed the framework, principles, procedures, systems, structures, and matrix contained in Execute 90. And the proven results are spectacular. Execute 90 is not on trial and it is not just an improvement on existing ideas; rather, Execute 90 shifts the industry-accepted duplication mantra to a TRIPLICATION model that doubles volumes in 90-day periods.

This creates an industry wide ability to increase the success rate of all network marketers tenfold—by taking the promise of the industry to the next level.

The Execute 90 model accelerates success by:

  • Eliminating distractions.
  • Giving context to the actions that success requires.
  • Reframing the antiquated concepts of fear, failure and focus.
  • Creating a framework of systems, structures and matrix in which to perform.
  • Forming a mind shift to the activities that automatically produce success. Focusing on action items instead of the goal (baking bread).
  • Creating a daily routine that supports your definition of success.
  • Measuring performance (OPS).
  • Reviewing performance.
  • Reporting performance (SPAM).
  • Using the E90 performance tracking and notification system.

In an informal survey taken by hundreds of 5, 6, 7 and 8 figure earners over a 5 year period. Here are the 10 biggest challenges in Network Marketing:

  1. More people doing more work.
  2. Don't understand investing time or money into a business.
  3. Not committed to focus on work without immediate result.
  4. Don't know what to do (routine/recipe).
  5. Not enough skill, knowledge and confidence.
  6. Fear of others opinions.
  7. Fear of damaging personal relationships.
  8. Not enough time.
  9. Lack of a dream OR belief that Networking can produce the dream.
  10. Don't understand leverage – duplication / triplication.
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