Praise for Execute 90

I no longer feel the need to invent the recipe for success. I have it right in my hands. Finally I can get out of the way and just execute the proven recipe for success.
~Jenny G
Clay Stevens

About Clay Stevens

Clay Stevens is a 30-year veteran in network marketing and has been a Six-Figure earner in five different companies. His success and extensive industry experience have provided the foundation for Execute 90. Clay is a pioneer and a visionary, and he has been a master mentor to thousands of six-figure earners who have a presence in over 80 different companies. Clay owns four patents for instructional methodologies and training development technologies and has won national awards for multimedia training programs. He also holds four advanced degrees in training, instructional technology, and instructional innovation. He is the author of 4 other #1 Bestselling books in the network marketing industry: Six Figures in Six Months; Ask, Listen & Repeat; Fast Start Field Manual; and The Geometry of Success: The Automation of Achievement. And Execute 90 has earned #1 best-seller status in pre-orders alone.

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